Sculpture is an art practiced by many people around the world. It is a field that interests me in particular when it comes to art, because it allows in many ways to express yourself through the different creations you can make. If you were looking for some reasons to be interested in sculpture, I propose you this article today. Obviously, everyone has their own tastes, and you may not be convinced, but take the time to read if you have 5 minutes to kill.

Sculpture is a way to express yourself

Like dance or painting, sculpture is an art that allows us to express ourselves, to bring out things that we have deep inside us through these piles of mud or this piece of wood to which we transmit a bit of our soul by shaping it in our own way.

I know that everyone can have their own inspiration, but in the end, what we are really looking for in the sculpture is to share something with those who will look at it afterwards. One can indeed see in a sculpture the sadness or the joy of the one who made it.


Sculpture and its different forms

When I talk about sculpture, I am not only referring to the beautiful man you managed to put on your base. In sculpture, there are different forms. The coin sculpture where the sculpture and the background are one, for example.

The low relief sculpture which is a kind of extension, still one with the background, but with more prominent reliefs. Finally, the sculpture round bump, where you have a mass that stands out from its base.

Playing with different materials

Sculpture is also a way to have fun playing with materials. Indeed, whether you decide to carve on wood only, on iron or on stone or with clay, you can play with materials.

It is possible to use only one material or to make a mixture. You can let your inspiration speak to create your own masterpiece.