The choice of the photographer is as important as the choice of the venue and the caterer when you prepare your wedding. He will have the task of immortalizing this unique moment to create beautiful memories of your day. Discover the criteria to remember to be sure to find your photographer.

Identify the style of photos you want

Many weddings have a specific theme, which serves as a guideline for all aspects of the event, from the style of the dress to the decor of the venue. This theme can be based on a particular color, a passion or a common taste of the couple. The photos should reflect the theme chosen to reveal the personality of the couple and the most beautiful moments of their wedding. For a traditional or vintage event, it is common to choose posed and worked photos. Black and white photos are perfect to sublimate the moment, among others.

For a country or outdoor wedding, you can opt for high contrast photos. The photographer composes with the natural light to put the newlyweds in perspective in large spaces. The result is rather colorful, with a nice effect of light and shadow. If you prefer a softer style, to accentuate the romantic side of the wedding, why not choose artistic photos? The images often reveal pastel and bright colors.

If you have a less conventional style, you can also ask your photographer to highlight your personal style. He will know how to manage the frame and the lighting to realize photos of your image. This is ideal for a rock n roll wedding, for example.

The current trend is to report on the wedding, which favors spontaneity. The photograph captures the images on the spot, with natural poses. A photo-reportage is intended to tell the story of the day through a succession of expressive images, selected with care. The photos reveal all the moments of emotion, laughter, joy and sharing.

Find out about the photographer’s work

While they know how to be versatile to meet the demands of the bride and groom, photographers have their own visual and artistic styles. They listen to their clients in order to satisfy them as much as possible. Professionals usually have a website on which they publish a portfolio offering an overview of their work. The portfolio shows both the photographer’s style, but also the type of wedding he has already covered. It shows you how they handle the setting, the space and the lighting to enhance the event. The photographer’s style should be consistent with the bride and groom’s style to avoid disappointment.

The professionalism and the quality of the work provided are guarantees of success of the photos. Many brides and grooms select a photographer based on their reputation. Word of mouth is an easy way to find out about a professional. However, keep in mind that reviews are subjective, based on the impressions of previous clients. So don’t miss collecting different testimonials to get an idea of the photographer’s work.

It is also important to ask about the services offered, to avoid surprises concerning the rendering or the budget. Ask in particular which moments are taken in charge by the photographer. Will he recover the whole event, from the civil or religious ceremony to the reception? Will he be present for the pre-wedding cocktail? If you have opted for a photo essay, don’t hesitate to ask your photographer about the duration of the film.

You can choose a 12-hour shoot, so you don’t miss any of the highlights of the day. In addition, a photo session focused on the bride and groom is usually included in the wedding photo packages. The number of images and the length of the session vary depending on the package. If you want to create a book of your best photos, be sure to ask about the format and number of images that will appear in the book.

Wedding photographers usually cover events in their city and the surrounding area. Their knowledge of the area allows them to suggest shots and angles that best suit the bride and groom. For a fee, some can cover weddings held abroad. If you are interested, here is the contact of a good wedding photographer (in the 06 and 83 in particular): Ivan Franchet.

The feeling above all

A wedding photographer is the witness of each strong moment of this special day. In general, he is present from the beginning of the preparations until the departure of the last guests to capture each moment of happiness. From this point of view, it is important to think about the human dimension of a photographer’s work. He must indeed establish a real complicity with the future spouses to be able to mingle with the guests without being intrusive. The bride and groom and their guests must be perfectly at ease in his presence. A wedding is a moment rich in emotions and quite stressful for some, make sure that the current really passes with your photographer to spend a serene day.

Remember to check that he will get along well with the other service providers and especially the wedding planner if you have decided to delegate the organization of the wedding to a professional. Also make sure that your personalities complement each other well. He must be able to anticipate your desires to adapt the shots to your desires. It is possible to choose a discreet photographer, if you have a precise idea of the style of wedding photo you want. You can choose someone with a more direct approach, who will be able to put you in confidence and guide you throughout the day.

Don’t hesitate to ask different questions about their style, their services and the support they offer. Ask about the solutions he recommends to manage unforeseen events, or how he adapts to the needs of future spouses. In addition to e-mail exchanges about their services and rates, plan to meet with the photograph you’ve chosen. If you have a busy schedule, a video call can also help break the ice and make sure you have a good connection. Photographers sometimes work with assistants, depending on the size of the wedding and the type of equipment needed to fulfill specific requests from the bride and groom, for example. If necessary, you can meet their team to make sure you feel comfortable in their presence.

Logically, you will have to take pictures in front of the camera. If you are not comfortable with the lens, read this little article and the photo shoot will have no more confidence for you.

In conclusion, it is preferable to contact a specialist to have successful photos of your wedding. A professional photographer has the know-how and the experience to put the highlights of your big day in pictures.