Prints from Japan, porcelain from China, bronze or ceramic pots and statuettes have become popular with art lovers. These art objects straight from the Asian continent bring a certain cachet to the interiors they decorate. The informed collectors and the amateurs who start a collection can easily estimate the value of these works thanks to an expertise in Asian art



The beauty of Asian art

Do you have any Asian artworks? Have them appraised

Since it is not always easy to differentiate between original collections and counterfeits, it is better to ask for an expertise from professionals. The experts in question will use advanced techniques that will allow them to evaluate the date of manufacture of the object (and thus possibly to trace its history). In the same way, the expertise allows you to determine the specificities of a particular work, which will easily lead to an Asian object estimate.

You will thus be able to know if your works of art are worthy of being exposed in a museum or if they result from an unfortunate reproduction carried out with a maximum of dexterity. In any case, the expertise will help you to evaluate the ideal selling price or the value of a good that you will be able to bequeath to your descendants, for example.

How to estimate an Asian work of art ?

Vases, sculptures, paintings, porcelains and other artistic works from Asia have specificities that make them unique. Before making an acquisition, you can focus on 4 points to have an estimation of the value of the object

in question.

  • Dating: the motifs are generally typical of the given periods. Authentic antiques should be consistent in this respect.
  • Cracking: on ceramic works, you will notice very characteristic cracks that must be fine and regular.
  • Patterns: Asian artworks often have a gilding that fades over time. A flawless sheen is a sign of recent work.
  • Colors: Trends dictate that patterns and colors have a particular meaning based on history.

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