Many of you dream of discovering the world of auctions, either because you are interested in art, vehicles, real estate, or to set up a business and make a profit. However, it is not always easy to enter this particular world, to find one’s place in it, and to understand how it works.
In this article, I offer you some advice for your first auction.


It is in an auction room that the auctions take place


Auctions: it is important to be prepared

The most important thing for your first auction is preparation.

First, go to your banker to determine the budget that you can allocate to the auctions. Indeed, it is preferable to set a budget that should not be exceeded in order to avoid any overflow.

Then, do some research on upcoming sales. For this, different means are at your disposal: the sales programs proposed by the Nice action rooms around you, specialized magazines, catalogs, Internet sites, etc. Find the objects

that interest you and the maximum price you are willing to pay.

It’s D-Day: my first auction!

To bid, you just have to be of age.

When the auction starts, be reactive, listen carefully to what is going on in order to spot the item you are interested in, to bid on it, and to buy it.

If you want to make a bid, you can raise your hand, nod your head or say it out loud. No matter how you do it, your offer should be clear.

If you took the opportunity and won the auction when the auctioneer‘s hammer struck, congratulations! If you didn’t, you’ll get it next time!