Like stainless steel and steel staircases, aluminium staircases are very popular for their original and modern touch. They are perfect for adding a contemporary style to your home or apartment. Finally, why choose an aluminium staircase over a wooden one?

Aluminium staircase: the trendy asset!

The metal style, which is achieved through materials such as steel, stainless steel or aluminium, is in high demand lately. A metal exterior staircase can enhance your home, regardless of its decorative design, thanks to its contemporary and clean lines. In addition, unlike wrought iron, aluminium does not rust. This material has the particularity of being extremely light, removable and flexible. Therefore, you can create a custom staircase, straight, curved or spiral. The professionals will be happy to show you all the shapes that can be made with aluminium. Moreover, this also applies to railings and guardrails. In addition, McMEL Europe offers its customers durable and trendy aluminium staircases

A resistant material

One of its biggest advantages is that it does not rust, unlike other metals that can be used to build an aluminium exterior staircase. The fasteners that we integrate to make these stairs can be mechanical or welded aluminium. It is recommended to choose welded aluminium joints, which are much more resistant than mechanical ones. Since aluminium is a soft metal, a railing made of this metal will better resist lateral thrust.

The steps and the bearing will support heavy loads. Moreover, a welded aluminium bearing is really more secure and safe with this style of welding. Indeed, the welded joints will not loosen with time. Also, the staircase will show great strength against shocks. Your outdoor aluminium staircase will last for a long time. In addition, it requires very little maintenance. Finally, like stainless steel, aluminium is much thinner and smoother than a wooden staircase. This does not mean that it is less durable or less resistant.

If you plan to renovate your apartment, think about adding an aluminium staircase to your exterior decoration !

Opt for an aluminium staircase !

A maintenance-free installation

Incredible, but true, an aluminium staircase does not need any particular maintenance! It does not fear humidity, bad weather, or continuous exposure to the sun, unlike wrought iron for example. It is therefore ideal for outdoor use. It is also corrosion resistant. The staircase, handrail and railing do not need protection either. Of course, if you wish, you can still sweep, mop or wipe the floor. There is no risk of scratching or damaging it. Painted stair models, made of metalwork, will not be a problem.

The stairs, as well as the handrail, are usually coated with powder paint, baked on, which gives it great strength. A durable paint that resists wear and tear and weathering. It is therefore not necessary to repaint it. So, you can enjoy it without having to worry about its maintenance.

The ability to provide numerous customization options

No matter what the decorative design of your home, you can choose between different shapes: straight, curved or spiral. Depending on the space you have, find the contemporary staircase of your dreams. The metal shop can offer you to manufacture a custom staircase with clean and quality finishes. Customized finishes like a carpenter would with wood. Stylize your exterior even more by choosing a unique railing. Again, there are many shapes of railings. In addition, metalwork can shape and create original and non-conformist forms thanks to the flexibility of metal.

An aesthetic asset

It is true that an aluminium staircase will offer a clean and sophisticated look to your exterior. The great thing about this material is that it blends very well with other materials. Indeed, you can marry it with a glass handrail for example. In addition, aluminium blends perfectly with wood. The boards recovered in carpentry are used to create steps. Aluminium can be used to create the stringboard or the handrail. In short, many combinations are possible. Several colours are also proposed. The standard colours are black, white and beige.

A very affordable price

As you can see, installing an outdoor aluminium staircase is a relatively profitable investment in the long run. The aluminium staircase is the least expensive of all metal staircases, despite its many qualities. The price range is between 1 000€ and 8 000€ depending on the shape and the desired customizations. The cost of installation also depends on the shape of the staircase you have chosen. It is considered that it is necessary to pay around 500 € for the installation.

These expenses are quickly paid back, because once installed, you will not need to maintain it anymore.


Finally, the elegance, sturdiness and longevity make the aluminium staircase a perfect ally.