Even the stars are getting into it: Chiara Mastroianni, Kate Moss, Diane Kruger, Juliette Binoche, Madonna… In an era where we want everything, right away, classical dance forces the student to accept frustration in order to become master of his body and reach a feeling of plenitude: So hop, put on your dance outfit and go!
For their part, the teachers have become more flexible in their teaching methods: they now offer classes for all levels, where learning rhymes with laughter and fun.


A lot of rigor but also passion

But why is classical dance back in vogue?

After trying out many dances, women are realizing that they need a solid foundation. And there’s no better place to start than ballet, a rigorous sport par excellence. It teaches “outside”, balance, and is the best way to acquire good posture. And at all ages. The number of years is no longer a handicap: in a class today, we find dancers from 15 to 65 years old, from initiation to advanced.

And what are the benefits?

There are many benefits. It is the school of patience and rigor. In a few weeks, we have extraordinary personal victories. You see your body transform, your muscles become more refined. There is nothing better for your posture, your tone and your flexibility.

Has this discipline become more democratic?

It is true that more and more classes for adults are opening all over France in dance schools. These last years, classical dance has been liberated and relaxed. Women are no longer asked to be slender. The fuller ones are just as efficient. Moreover, the atmosphere of the classes is much more relaxed than in the past. Besides, laughing is very healthy: it relaxes the muscles and relieves tension.

And what should I wear?

It is recommended to wear a leotard, pantyhose or leggings, half booties and a wrap. The principle is to wear an outfit close to the body so that the teacher can see your posture and correct it if necessary. For accessories, wool pantyhose and gaiters are recommended to warm up the muscles.

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