Landlord and tenant: fulfilling the obligations for a good rental relationship

There will always be landlords and tenants, there will always be disputes and disagreements as well since not everyone can have the same vision of life. So, in order to regulate these relationships and make sure that everything runs smoothly, laws have been put in place that oblige both tenants and landlords to respect the different responsibilities that the signing of a lease contract includes. Yes, both landlords and tenants have obligations. It is thus to make you know the various points of these obligations that I decided to make you this article today. If you want to rent, you are at the right place today.


Laws to ensure good harmony between tenant and landlord

The relationship between a tenant and his landlord is rarely a good one. One wants to impose certain things that are unacceptable to the other. This causes great tension between the two sides. However, there are laws that regulate these relationships so that they are always at peace.

The law nº 89-462 of July 6, 1989, governs the relations between the landlords and the tenants to try to improve them. It defines the obligations of both parties, points that tenants and landlords must respect.

In the case of the tenant, this normally concerns the use of the rental property and also the maintenance that the latter must assume without forgetting the various rental charges, but also the payment of the rent.

For the owner of the premises, it is especially a question of facilitating as well as possible the life of his tenant by avoiding the annoying acts of his share, but also by providing a decent house and respecting all the standards. If one of the two does not respect his obligations, the lease may be terminated.

What are the obligations of the landlord

What are the obligations of a landlord towards his tenant? There are essentially six points. The first is that the landlord must provide, as I said, decent housing to his tenant. By decent housing, we obviously mean that it does not involve any risk for the physical health of the tenant. The rental must also have a habitable surface in conformity with the uses of housing.

Another point of these obligations, as a landlord you are required to make certain repairs to your rental property to ensure the maintenance, but also the repair and maintenance of various parts of the house, this apart from the rental repairs of course which are the responsibility of the tenant.

The landlord must not oppose any work that the tenant wishes to do, as long as it does not cause any long-term transformation of the house or apartment.

You will also have to ensure a peaceful use of the premises to your tenant. You are thus obliged not to subject your tenant to your annoying actions. I would like to emphasize that this does not in any way concern disturbances caused by third parties.

The landlord also has the obligation to provide a rent receipt free of charge to his tenant when the latter requests it. You must also proceed to the annual regularization of the rental charges. At the same time, you have the obligation to inform your tenant of the evolution of these charges.


What the tenant must do to ensure that everything goes well

As a tenant, you also have many obligations. First, you must always make sure that you pay the rent and the service charges on time to avoid disputes. If you ever have a financial problem, it is best to talk to your landlord to try to find a solution.

You should also take out rental insurance because you will be responsible for the premises for the time you stay there. You should also take out rental insurance because you will be responsible for the premises during the time you stay there, so it is essential that you take out rental insurance if you don’t want to get into trouble if something happens.

In any case, you must give your landlord proof of insurance when you move in to inform him of the situation. Be careful, it is not the same for furnished rentals, the owner must insure his property and its contents.

As a tenant, you must maintain certain parts of the house you are renting. This includes the maintenance of windows and doors, walls and floors, electrical installations, but also heating equipment, not to mention the taps and sanitary facilities.

As a tenant, you must also ensure a peaceful use of your accommodation. What I mean by this is that you do not have the right to disturb your neighbors by any means, for example with noise pollution.

You must also make sure that you respect all the rules of co-ownership if you decide to rent an apartment in a building. You must also use the rental for its primary purpose. I’ll explain, you can’t turn the rental into an office or a business, unless your landlord agrees. In such a situation, the terms of the lease contract will have to change.

Recourse for the tenant

As a tenant, you have certain recourses if your landlord does not respect his obligations. First, if the landlord does not care about fulfilling his obligations, you can put him on notice. The best way to avoid problems is to always communicate as much as possible, except when it is really impossible. You will have to act.

If he does not react to this within two months, you can refer the matter to the clerk’s office of the district court, but also to a departmental conciliation commission. Be careful, even in the presence of this argument, you must not under any circumstances stop paying your rent and your charges, because it may harm you if you do not do so. You must respect your obligations if the landlord does not do the same.