I may be a little late to this new passion since the fashion is already launched for a long time, but for a few months I have been interested in nail art that I find really fascinating with all these techniques and tips to use to successfully decorate your nails. That’s why I decided to talk to you about it today and also to share with you, beginners as well as months, some tricks that I discovered during these last weeks!

No need to invest right away

When you watch all these videos on YouTube where the pros use all kinds of materials to make their nail art, I want to reassure all those who do not necessarily have the means to get such things.

Indeed, you just have to pick in the house to find what to make you beautiful nails. Thus, you can use a toothpick as a doting tool, to make peas. Scotch tape as striping tape or cotton swab to use to clean up what spills after the application of the varnish if the brush is used by the pros.


How to apply your nail polish correctly

Before, when I wanted to apply nail polish on my nails, I just took the color and that was it. Now I’ve discovered that to start, you need to apply a protective clear base before applying one or two coats of your polish.

Once that’s done and everything is dry, you can move on to applying the top coat and choose one that has a matte effect or not depending on your taste and desire.

Choosing your varnishes for water marble

The water marble is a nail art technique that is more or less within the reach of all. For its realization, it is necessary to make fall some drops of varnish of different color layer after layer in a container with warm water then to make patterns with a toothpick simply.

Well, know girls that to succeed, there are certain brands of nail polish that work and do not work. I can’t tell you which ones because there are so many, but I suggest you try as many as you can to see.