You have just bought a house in the Paris region that you wish to renovate? The exteriors are the first work to be undertaken before reviewing the layout and interior decoration. Your home will thus find comfort and new youth.

Exterior renovation and facade restoration near Paris

The first step is to undertake the facade renovation

in order to give a dapper aspect to your building. Take advantage of this to completely revise the insulation if necessary, especially at the level of the windows and the roof. This is an aspect that will save you money, of course, but also greatly improve your comfort and the value of your home.

This part of the renovation is very important, because it ensures you an appreciable comfort and a controlled energy expenditure. This work will be done to improve your home and the life of your family.

Then, from a more aesthetic point of view, you will repaint your facade in order to give a more contemporary aspect or to refresh an aspect a little damaged. In this case, it is necessary to do all the masonry before painting, repair the crack if it is not serious, fill a hole or other preparation to obtain an impeccable result.

Choose your paint and tint carefully. Before doing so, consult the town hall to know what you are allowed to do. It is also possible to change the door and window frames or to repaint them in order to bring a more design touch to your house.


The choice of color and type of paint is very important during a facade renovation

First, don’t forget to list the necessary work and evaluate your know-how in order to know if you should call a professional or not.

Interior design and decoration in Paris

If you want to carry out renovation work in Paris by creating an extra room or making a dressing room in a large enough room, if you have lots of ideas to change your interior, start by making plans.

It is important to imagine the layout on paper before moving on to the different stages of its realization. Next, you need to assess the nature of the renovation work you will need to undertake. If you choose to change your floors, take the time to think about the type of flooring

you want to use, especially tiles in the bathrooms. Also think about the installation, will you be able to do it yourself, or will you need to call a professional? All these elements will determine your budget and the time you will spend on it.

You then think about the walls, paint is practical and a good base, you can however put wallpaper on a wall of the room to give it depth or character. You also need to take care of your woodwork to get the perfect room to match your taste and this beautiful renovation.


A good interior design is first and foremost a design that looks like you

To find interior design ideas, don’t hesitate to look for inspiration in decorating magazines or on the Internet. You’ll find tips and advice on how to get the most out of your home. A successful renovation adds value to your home, which is essential for resale. To enjoy relaxing in your home, a world that reflects you is fundamental. Organize your home according to your way of life. Do you like to have people around? Then devote more space to the dining room, living room and kitchen. Do you want to partition a room? Glass partitions let light circulate and give a workshop feel to the room.

Don’t hesitate to give personality to your home and mix styles as long as harmony is present. Easily design a home that resembles you with a renovation that perfectly meets your requirements and your desires.

To better understand the work of your interior renovator, you can learn about the different methods of installing flooring.