In a house, there are often different types of work to be done to ensure the comfort of the inhabitants. Each project must have a budget in order to be done properly, and it is never the same story depending on the work to be done. Do you have a few projects to do at home? I propose you today some figures to help you in the estimate to make.

An idea to facilitate your task, the online quotes

Today, the Internet has become the playground of many companies, but also craftsmen who offer their services for various work to be done in the house. If you have work to do, you have chances to find a good provider on the internet.

If you want an idea of what your work will cost you, many sites offer free simulations, tools that allow you to get a quick result to give you an idea of the budget to prepare for your work.

You can also request a quote from different service providers and then compare the files you receive in response. A quote request does not commit you to anything, so you can do it without worrying.

Works and budgets

I would like to specify that the figures I am proposing today are only indicative, it is possible that the price range changes according to your situation, the work to be done in reality or according to the change in the price of materials. Also, try to take these different points into account when making your calculations.

If you want to demolish a load-bearing concrete wall, you will have to count €150/m3; if you want to demolish a wooden floor, it is from 5 to €7/m3, to demolish a suspended ceiling, it is from 8 to €10/m3. For a plasterboard partition, it will be about €3/3.

If you need interior design work, you should know that to build a 60 mm two-sided terracotta partition, it starts at €60/m², if it is with plasterboard with two-sided raking, it starts at €62/m².

If you want to install woodwork, inside or outside, the laminated oak parquet without underpayment is from €45/m², if it is solid parquet on batten, it will be from €120 to €200/m² depending on the installation. To install a sliding door, it will be from €1500, if this last one is installed in surface, it is from €400.

To insulate a roof, the price varies between 40 and €90/m²; to insulate the walls, it will be from €80/m². To replace a bathtub with faucets, the price starts at €1800 for a cast iron bathtub and €950 for a steel one.