Are you a contractor looking for a real estate solution in the Valbonne area? You are a private individual wishing to obtain information on possible availabilities in the Alpes-Maritimes region?

Through this publication, we propose you to come back for a moment on the assets of a prestigious city like Valbonne, as well as on the type of real estate that you can hope to find in the area. We will finish our demonstration by asking ourselves about the best alternative, between renting or buying in Valbonne.

Living in a Valbonne apartment

Real estate in southeastern France, along the Mediterranean coast, remains strong and attractive thanks to a few key elements. Among the arguments regularly put forward, one will obviously mention the mild climate throughout the year, but also important tourist attributes – for example, the possibility of going from the beach to the mountains in only an hour and a half. Thus, from the cities of Cannes or Valbonne, it becomes very easy to reach the resorts of the Southern Alps. The local heritage is also worth mentioning, with its many old stones, medieval abbeys and other villages set in beautiful valleys.

Are you looking to settle in Valbonne or invest in an apartment to rent in the region? The city has many assets for those who wish to settle in the heart of an old medieval village. Built on a perfectly preserved checkerboard plan, the city is also home to a number of technological centers of excellence, such as the main center of the Sophia-Antipolis high-tech park.

As for the region’s natural assets, the ideal weather conditions should be emphasized. Indeed, over the course of a year, homeowners and renters can expect relatively mild temperatures – around 13 to 14 °C on average and up to 25 °C during the peak of summer. With its idyllic landscapes and rolling hills, its golf courses and pine forests, Valbonne enjoys a living environment that can reasonably be described as unique. Future owners of an apartment in the region will also be able to highlight the city’s geographical location, near Cannes and its beaches and only half an hour from Nice via the A8 freeway.

For those wishing to make a secure rental investment in LMNP, for example, there are many addresses with panoramic views around Valbonne, and only 1 km from the old village. This is the assurance of benefiting from all the advantages of a real estate project with a terrace and private green space. The luxury apartments, particularly bright, generally range from 2 to 4 rooms and offer high-quality amenities – with the assurance of a quality of construction that complies with the 2012 thermal regulations, for a lasting investment.

For students looking for a place to live in the region, we recommend looking in the Sophia-Antipolis technology park, for example – the area has many amenities, with an elevator and immediate access to public transportation. The apartments are generally integrated into secure residences, furnished and refurbished with a balcony and equipped kitchen. Rental charges are generally around 550 euros per month.

To find out more about residential availability in the Valbonne and Sophia-Antipolis area, we recommend that you contact a local real estate agency that has an excellent knowledge of the local real estate market. You will thus obtain the precious advice of experienced real estate professionals, who will study your file and advise you to opt for a real estate loan.

Living in a prestigious villa

Between Cannes and Nice, Valbonne is rightly considered a prestigious destination. The reason for this is relatively simple: Valbonne is located not far from Cannes, which remains a major cultural and tourist attraction in France – how can we not mention La Croisette and the annual film festival that attracts celebrities from all over the world?

In this respect, it should be noted that the village of Valbonne hosts the annual Critics’ Week during the Festival period, the perfect opportunity for exhibitors and other art galleries.

There are also exceptional sites such as the Opio-Valbonne Golf Course. Located between Cannes, Nice and Grasse, the Golf d’Opio is one of the jewels of the Riviera, between the sea and the mountains at the gates of the Sophia-Antipolis technology park (a cutting-edge site that is readily compared to the American Silicon Valley, if only in terms of economic attractiveness). We are talking about a magnificent 220-hectare wooded and hilly domain, located only a few minutes from the shores of the French Riviera.

As for the city itself, one cannot ignore the peaceful character of the villa for sale in Valbonne. For those who wish to have a project in new real estate, Valbonne is a particularly interesting destination, combining old stone, heritage preservation and modern technology.

sale villa valbonne

A beautiful villa with pool

Choosing your type of real estate with a building lot

In Valbonne, you have the possibility to choose between one or several types of building land, depending on the nature of your real estate project.

If you are looking to build a family home, you will find a number of available plots of land, for example, only a few minutes’ walk from the village of Valbonne. A flat plot of land awaits you in a quiet and residential area, for the construction of a detached house in a dominant position. In a quiet and rural environment between Valbonne and Plascassier and close to the shops, you will also discover the possibility to build a family house, with a nice view.

The sale of building land can also concern the construction of a luxury residence. Thus, a new housing program in Valbonne or near the village can represent an excellent alternative for an entrepreneur looking for a quiet neighborhood. This is an opportunity to access a wide range of VEFA apartments in the heart of the old village, not far from a green setting. As a future investor, you’ll be sure to get a bright living room on the top floor of a luxury residence.

To rent or to buy ?

Depending on your situation, the question arises whether you should rent or buy in Valbonne. To guide you in the right direction, identify your needs from the outset: do you only want to enjoy a pied à terre in southeastern France for your vacations, or do you plan to move to the region permanently?

As an investor, if you want to focus on students, for example, you should look for a furnished or unfurnished rental solution, with the presence of nearby amenities. If you have substantial purchasing power and wish to invest in a vacation home in Valbonne, you may want to look at luxury villas and houses located in quiet, sought-after neighborhoods, not just a few meters from the old village. Most of the high-end homes in Valbonne offer unobstructed views of the countryside, with a large living area and a spacious and bright main living room.

Are you a professional traveling in the region? In this case, you might be more interested in renting a luxury apartment in the Valbonne area, near the Sophia-Antipolis technology park, for example. You will quickly realize the economic and strategic interest of putting down your suitcases in this area, considered as one of the most influential points of attraction in France.

We have just seen together which are the economic, tourist and strategic interests of investing in real estate in Valbonne. As you can see, if there is a lot of real estate available, it all depends on your purchasing power and your search criteria, which you will take care to elaborate with your local real estate consultant in Valbonne.

If you are looking to really invest in real estate, be careful to select your property carefully: apartments on the first floor of a residence, for example, will tend to be less attractive to tenants and investors depending on the neighborhood. To discover an exclusive new real estate program, do not hesitate to talk to your real estate consultant in the Alpes-Maritimes.