Pop Art is more than sixty years old, and yet it is still fashionable and even gives interesting makeup ideas for Halloween and Carnival.


The Pop-Art style

The history of Pop Art

Pop Art was born in Great Britain at the beginning of the 1950s, before spreading to the United States at the end of that decade, where it met with great success, under the impetus of Andy Warhol for example. This artistic style is characterized by the use of elements of popular culture (advertising, comics …), and by the mass production of artworks. Pop Art aims at the appropriation by everyone of the work of art. It has often been criticized for being kitsch rather than beautiful, and for abusing minimalism


Pop Art for Halloween: quick tutorial!


Turn yourself into a work of art!

Turn yourself into a Pop Art painting for Halloween? Nothing could be easier! First, you need to find a Pop Art character that inspires you, for example a comic book hero or heroine. You can do this makeup with perfectly normal products. Just avoid using foundation, in which case the other products may not adhere to your face, or may drip. Choose a sparkling lipstick because it is all about highlighting every facial expression. Accentuate the main lines of your face and your eyebrows with broad black strokes. Think of adding details, like tears. Now you have an original and simple mask to make for Halloween!

Pop is a visual art, but there are 6 others that make up the classification of the arts.