The different artistic expressions are linked to our sensory receptors and have been classified according to them already in ancient times. Nowadays, this classification includes seven disciplines: the seven arts.


Superior art par excellence, architecture has allowed humanity to defy time thanks to its grandiose constructions and space-defying buildings, historical witnesses to the actions of men throughout their history.

The sculpture

Michelangelo claimed that his sculptures already existed in the block of marble and that he simply detached them from it. The primordial art of transforming raw material into an artistic representation of reality has also been passed down through history, from the cutting of stone to modern materials shaped with current technologies.


Sculpture is the art of transforming raw material into artistic representation

The Visual Arts

The first expressions of this very popular category are painting and drawing. Indeed, these are the first means used by man to represent the world around him. This is evidenced by the many painters who have marked the history of art. Pop art is a visual art.


The harmonious reproduction of sounds by means of various instruments conceived by man has accompanied him since the dawn of time. Music has a creative and communicative function. It involves the feelings of individuals and masses.


Poetry, drama and novels belong to the art of literature. Ideas and thoughts are transformed into writing to convey emotions, inform, learn. Literature uses a series of linguistic tools to achieve the writer’s goals. It contains a strong aesthetic component insofar as the form is decisive for the dissemination of the content.

The performing arts

We are talking here about dance and body expression. This art is often linked to music and provides the audience with particularly intense emotions and involvement.

The cinema

The seventh art officially entered the classification of arts in the twentieth century thanks to the film criticism of Ricciotto Canudo. It quickly conquered a vast public, placing itself at the top of the list for its popularity.
This is probably an official classification. Do other more modern artistic expressions find their place in this classification? I mean for example photography, comics, fashion design or culinary arts.