To succeed in your sculpture, it is essential to go through several steps. For the sculpture on clay, you must for example make sure that you have a consistent enough mud to be able to modulate it according to your tastes. Today, I propose to talk about the obvious, which is a step that I consider essential in the creation of a beautiful sculpture. Here are some tips that I want to share with you. If you still don’t like sculpture, here are 3 reasons why you should like sculpture.

Good to know

When it comes to sculpture, you should know that only firing can transform the clay. However, you can try to do some touch-ups on an already fired sculpture by re-wetting it gently, even re-wetting only the area to be touched up.

Be careful, if the clay becomes too soft when you rewet your sculpture, it may collapse at once, hence the need to do things gently. You must also take into account the environment of the room in which the sculpture is installed.


The obviousness

Obviously a sculpture is a step that I strongly advise doing, not only to lighten a sculpture, but also so that it can be fired one day, without fearing that it will explode into a thousand pieces

So, to succeed, my first tip is to always work on a solid element, without any detail, just the basic shape, it will be easier to hollow out. Second tip, cut diagonally, never lengthwise, because it’s much harder to put the pieces of the sculpture back together afterwards

Another thing, you have to hollow out and make sure to have a uniform thickness on the whole sculpture, except for the high one where you have to leave more mass at the base to make it stand. Once the sculpture is hollowed out, glue the pieces back together with slip and leave a small hole at the base to let the air out.

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