The real estate diagnosis is an assessment performed after control by a professional diagnostician. It is carried out before the sale or rental of a property or after the completion of work. These diagnoses must be made by certified technicians. The diagnostics can be different and vary depending on the property. The location, the date of the building permit and the age of the property are criteria that determine the type of inspection to be performed.

I am going to present you here how to find the company to diagnose your property, and I am going to tell you the diagnosis of my house in Lens.

asbestos diagnosis lens

The real estate diagnosis is an important assessment performed on a property when selling or after work

How to find a company to diagnose your property?

For real estate diagnostics, the experience and quality of the company performing the tests are paramount. This implies a good local presence with a perfect knowledge of the territory to be tested. The company must be accredited in order to meet the requirements of the regulations in force. Finally, it is important to compare the price list and the speed of execution of the company to be sure to have made the right choice.

My experience

I tested the real estate lead and asbestos diagnosis in Lens with the company Amiante Diagnostic.
I was able to discuss with the professional the obligations of this type of control. It is necessary to know that for any house built before 1949, the lead diagnosis consists in searching for the trace of lead in the visible or invisible paintings. The research is done with an X-ray fluorescence analyzer.
For any property whose building permit was issued before July 1, 1997, an asbestos diagnosis must be performed. The diagnostician’s investigations concern a list of materials and products listed.

The company carried out the two diagnoses quickly, and I recommend it to all those who live in the North, around Lens and Béthune.

It is important to know that real estate diagnostics are mandatory in France in the context of a transaction or in the context of a home-based profession, such as that of a childcare provider. In order to carry out their activity, diagnosticians must be accredited by an independent organization according to the ISO 17024 standard.
Other important information: each diagnosis has its own validity period which can vary from six months to ten years, or even be unlimited depending on the transaction and the type of diagnosis.