Lombardy is a wonderful region of Italy that will undoubtedly offer you some great discoveries if you decide to go there one day. Indeed, you will need much more than a few days if you want to enjoy all the wonders of this region. As much for the variety of its landscapes as for the particularity of its numerous villages and the lakes which border them, it is a voyage of discovery and wonder which awaits you. So I propose you today a small selection of the most beautiful villages of this region, but also some of the most interesting places to see.

The most beautiful villages in Lombardy

To begin with, I suggest you visit the village of Varenna, which you can easily reach by a cruise on Lake Como, traveler’s boats that work like buses, connecting the different villages bordering the same lake. With a crazy charm, welcoming inhabitants, beautiful landscape, it is a beautiful destination.

Then go to the small village of Tremezzo, it borders Lake Como and contains magical gardens that I personally loved to discover. A must-see of this region without a doubt. But that’s not all, you can also appreciate the particularity of this beautiful town, its colors, the animation, a real corner of paradise.

Then go to Limone Sul Garda, then to Sirmione, but also and above all Bellagio, Levere, Monte Isola, Sabbioneta, Maccagno and many others. All these villages are my favorite, but there are also many other villages to visit by water. A cruise on Lake Como is a great idea if you want to make interesting discoveries.

Places not to miss in Lombardy

If there is one place you should not miss during your trip to Lombardy, it is of course the Duomo of Milan. An imposing building with an architecture that simply takes your breath away. One wonders how they could put up such a monument. It is undoubtedly the most animated square in Milan, too.

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is also a place I recommend you visit. Right in the heart of Milan’s historic center, it’s the temple of fashion and jewelry of this region, where you might just get some great deals.

The Charterhouse of Pavia is also a true architectural masterpiece, it is located in the province of Pavia. Its imposing facade, its welcoming and colorful interior, is a place that invites you to discover, to contemplate, to relax.