Have you finally decided on your vacation destination? Have you decided on Florida’s fine sandy beaches? It’s a great choice, and we’ve selected for you the three best activities not to be missed to guarantee you a total change of scenery.
Known as the “Magic City”, Miami has the glamorous image of the American movies, and remains one of the favorite tourist destinations in the United States. With its tropical climate worthy of the Caribbean, Florida has a warm and sunny weather all year round. Multicultural, exotic, festive and wild, this city has everything to please.

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Florida’s beaches to relax on

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Beautiful sandy beaches

Miami Beach remains a must for tourists visiting Florida. If you are in need of a relaxing day when your only concern is to find the best spot on the white sandy beaches, this is the ideal destination. Miami’s beaches are famous for their rows of palm trees along the ocean, and it’s impossible to miss the most famous of its avenues: Ocean Drive. With its turquoise water and colorful fish, swimming in Miami Beach is a real treat, especially when you are jet-lagged at the beginning of your trip.

Water activities in Miami

With its endless beaches and turquoise waters, Miami is obviously the place for many water sports activities. If you are a fan of sports and exotic escapades, you will be spoiled for choice:

  • Diving is very popular, as the translucent waters allow you to explore the wonders of the marine fauna and to swim among the fish.
  • As for sports activities, surfing and paddling are very popular with tourists, and remain both affordable and entertaining. There is no shortage of training schools, and anyone can master the basics and ride the waves! That said, don’t forget that the waters of Miami are very calm, and don’t allow professional surfers to show their best tricks!
  • You can also try kite surfing, a sport practiced on a board, and pulled by the power of the wind. It is a variant of sailing that requires a little more training.
    For the more experienced, you may be tempted to rent a jet-ski, a very popular sport for those who want to show off.
  • Canoeing and kayaking are a simple and economical way to explore the coast. You’ll have complete freedom to explore the secluded beaches and islets around Miami Beach. Canoeing is usually done on your knees, while kayaking can be done sitting down. Paddling enthusiasts frequently go to Virginia Key or Key Biscane, known to be the most pleasant and soothing spots.
  • For those looking for more gentle activities, several fishing centers offer day trips aboard coastal boats.
  • Miami Beach also has the largest cruise port in the world, and is therefore home to a multitude of luxury yachts and sailboats. An ideal way to discover breathtaking scenery in the middle of the Caribbean.
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All aboard!

Visit this beautiful American city

Apart from the water activities and wildlife walks, we invite you to make a stopover in Orlando, one of the most beautiful cities in Florida. Orlando is the sixth most populated city in the United States. It is famous for its hundred of neighborhoods, its amusement parks and its festive atmosphere. It is a real metropolis in the heart of the United States, especially suitable for couples and families. It is very easy to find accommodation to visit the most beautiful areas of the city. Its family nature and tropical climate are always appealing. Bathed in Latin American culture, you’ll find authentic yet modern restaurants, street art exhibitions and live music on every corner.

The Old Town district, where the old train station is located, is known for its lively nightlife. It is the place to find many bars, restaurants and concerts every night.

For more leisurely excursions, consider visiting the historic district, Downtown Orlando, where lush parks and huge lakes are spread out. Lake Eola is one of the most majestic to see, and many cultural events take place here regularly.
This is also the area where you can browse through exciting art galleries, movie theaters and theatrical performances. The neighborhood’s large shopping centers are perfect for shopping.

Miami City

Streets full of shopping

Before you finish your trip to Miami, don’t forget to visit the famous Walt Disney World Resort theme parks, where you’ll have an unforgettable time.

Now that you know the must-do activities of your trip, and that Florida has almost no secrets for you, it’s time to go ahead and book your plane tickets! This is probably the most difficult part of planning your vacation. Given the price fluctuations, it is never a simple matter. For your information, a plane ticket to Miami costs on average 300 to €500 from Paris. The cheapest periods to go to Florida are between January and March and between September and November. You will also find the best prices if you book about two months before your departure.

Finally, consider renting a car in advance, in order to facilitate your travels and visit the region in complete freedom.