In France, many of us are only interested in to know Morocco only by the festival of laughter that takes place there every year. However, it is not so far and there is enough to make a good vacation. I went to this not so small country to get an idea of what tourism was worth.

And I must say that I was not deceived by the surprises I found there! Moreover, Morocco sounds to me like the country of respect and solidarity. It is also one of those countries that I liked because there was a human dimension that you don’t always find elsewhere. For the time being, I wanted to make a small top of the places which marked me.

In Marrakech

Staying in Marrakech is a bit of an obligatory stop when you go sightseeing in Morocco. The city exudes authenticity everywhere, and it’s very easy to see how the locals live. It’s easy to get around, but you still need to have your ears and eyes everywhere.

The small risk in Marrakesh is to run into small crooks who will try to fleece you if you go to the markets. For the rest, you will have no trouble finding food or even lodging. There is no shortage of establishments!


The Majorelle garden

Located in the new city, the Majorelle garden is one of those Moroccan tourist sites that attract crowds. Not long ago, this famous garden was in the middle of nowhere. In 2016, this is definitely no longer the case, as I had to walk past buildings to get there.

What makes this garden so charming is that it is protected from the noise of the traffic. When you set foot there, you find yourself in a property that belonged to Yves Saint Laurent. Excuse me!