Located in the south of France, the French Riviera is a wise choice if you need to buy a property. By making this choice, you guarantee yourself a pleasant and very relaxing vacation. As we are looking for ways to secure our real estate investments, we have decided to share with you some important and very useful information for the realization of your project.

Street of Nice
Real estate on the French Riviera

Real estate news indicates a certain stability of prices for a few years on the real estate market of the French Riviera. However, buyers are not rushing to buy. Now is the time for you to seize the opportunity and buy that vacation home you’ve been waiting for. There are many reasons to take the plunge.
Whether you need an apartment or a townhouse, you will find what you are looking for. You can decide to settle in Villefranche, Menton, Vaison-La-Romaine, or anywhere else. Some towns are a bit sleepy and not very busy, while others are livelier and bustling with activity. Depending on whether you are looking for peace and quiet or a busy city, you will find the right place for you. Universities, infrastructures, marinas and fishing ports make the Côte d’Azur a very popular region.

Investors have not hesitated to build new residences to accommodate the flood of people who decide to settle there. However, old houses and apartments dominate. Prices vary depending on the type of property, location, configuration, etc. It is up to you to orient your search according to your expectations. To better guide your purchase, here are some areas that may be of interest to you.

Where to buy on the French Riviera?

Sunny Nice

offers small and large houses at relatively low prices. Staying close to the city center will allow you to get there more quickly. You can also buy a house that you will renovate.
Saint-Tropez is a seaside resort that welcomes many tourists. This influences the price of real estate in the area somewhat. But you can also settle in the old village, where prices are a little lower.

Le Lavandou is a fishing village that may attract you. We advise you to be careful with apartments that do not have a terrace or balcony, and that are located in buildings that do not have an elevator. If you are interested in old buildings, take a look at the seafront. You will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the sea.

In Cassis, you can get an apartment or a villa on a housing estate for a very low price. If you decide to stay in the heart of the village, you can walk to the restaurants, shops or the beach. You can also opt for Nice, Cannes or Antibes which are also very touristy. How not to get ripped off?

The ways to scam honest people have multiplied. You may find yourself buying a non-existent property, of a real value much lower than the amount, or which will ask you for more money for the works than you spent for the purchase. The first rule of real estate transactions is caution. You should not buy everything you are offered. Checks must be made before any payment is made.

It is very important that you visit the property yourself. If it is not possible to visit, do not go any further. During the visit, you will be able to see the property and its actual condition. This will help you to make a rough estimate of the expenses you will have to incur before you can move in. You will also get an idea of the different charges that the house can generate.

For more security, we advise you to use the services of a real estate agency (to buy at market price) and if possible a notary. Also think about the notary fees.

The blog laféeimmobilier.fr is a mine of advice and good tips (given by a real estate agency on the French Riviera).

Referring to a real estate agency to invest in real estate is the best way. However, we have decided to share with you some tips and tricks that will help you in your real estate project.
When you study your real estate project, you must, based on your expectations, locate the area that suits you best.
When visiting the area, pay attention to the people around you to get an idea of the life in the area; you can ask about the proximity of universities, shops and other important places.

Before finalizing the contract, remember to check for regulatory compliance, title deeds and any easements.
Do not sign the preliminary sales agreement without being sure of your final decision; respecting commitments is important. The signing of the deed of sale must be done by a notary.

Here are some ideas that will help you to see clearly in your real estate project for the acquisition of a house on the French Riviera. You also have some advice to avoid being ripped off and some tips to make your project a reality. But don’t forget that it is better to use a real estate agency.