Since UNESCO has declared that all of Florence is a world heritage since UNESCO declared all of Florence to be one city, it has become difficult to say that we should remember the most important places in this city. Personally, it gave me the impression to make infidelities to the sites that I could not visit. Let’s just say that I console myself as I can by telling myself that I will come back as soon as I can. But since I had to like some places more than others, I found 3 reasons to go to Florence.


The original cave of Buontalenti

A small place with a legend and all, where the architectural details take the purists of the genre to the guts. Located near the Pitti Palace, the original grotto of Buontalenti is not far from its 500th year. Moreover, this famous cave, which is one of the most important tourist sites in Florence, has more than one attraction. In fact, it also has frescoes and reproductions of works. Not a bad concept, and it always makes its little effect.

Giotto’s bell tower

Perched at over 80 meters, giotto’s campanile does not have an easy history. This big bell tower was in fact designed by Giotto di Bondone before being taken over by Andrea Pisano. Towards the end, it was Francesco Talenti who took over the reins. All those who know a little about this typical monument of Florence know that the bell tower is the work of several entities, tourists just remember that it is the name of Giotto that it bears.

The signum paper mill

A real little corner of curiosity in Florence, the signum stationery also has products whose quality borders on perfection. For me, there is no better place to find something to offer; even if I confess that I go there most of the time for myself. What makes this place stand out: it’s one of the few places I know where you can find typical Florentine cards. And believe me: it’s not every day you’ll see that.

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