Today, to help people travel the world, technology is also getting involved. Indeed, travel apps are very popular these days, and if you are a traveler who likes to come and go whenever he wants, you should understand why. So I would like to present you today the travel apps that helped me the most and that I use every time I have a trip, hoping that it can also help you in the preparation of yours.

VoyagePirates for good deals

I am someone who likes to go on impulse. When the opportunity arises, I like to seize it on the fly, which makes travel deals very interesting for me. Precisely, VoyagePirates is an application that provides good deals to travelers. We know how expensive the long destinations can be so this application can be very interesting for example if you go to Thailand.

Whether it’s for complete weekend packages, or for budget travel, the app searches for you what you need depending on where you want to go. Very practical for me.

Triposo for unguided tours

If you land in a place you know absolutely nothing about, Triposo is the travel app I recommend, it comes in handy when I’m in the same situation, which happens very often.

The app geolocates you and suggests you the good plans in the area as well as the interesting places to visit during your stay. This application could be very useful for a destination such as Iceland, for example. Not bad, right?


Last but not least, GoPro

As I said, I like to leave on a whim and I often book my tickets late. GoPro is a travel app that allows you to compare different transportation offers all over Europe. In a big city like London this could be very helpful.

What’s great is that you can book directly online when you find a good deal and that it concerns planes, trains and even carpooling!