You’ve never been to Iceland, or even worse, you’ve never even thought about this destination for one of your trips? It’s time to change your mind, because it’s a very surprising place that has breathtaking places in store for you. Land of extremes and contrasts, as they say, Iceland is indeed a state in the north of America that has potential to spare. I offer you today 5 good reasons to go there right away! Don’t hesitate to download Triposo to help you plan your trip and excursions.

For its hot springs and the northern lights

The first thing that struck me when I landed there is the geothermal activity of the island, which is very present. Blue Lagoon will be your first reason to go to Iceland. In a lunar landscape of dried lava, a turquoise lagoon of hot water is waiting for you.

If there is one phenomenon that will always amaze me in the world, it is the Northern Lights. In Iceland, you will be able to see this spectacle snuggled in the arms of your darling when it is dark. It is a breathtaking scene.


Whales, shopping and good food

Meeting whales will be our number three reason today. Indeed, it is impossible to go through Iceland without taking a whale watching tour. For many, it is a childhood dream come true.

Impossible to go somewhere without shopping for me, and for you too of course. Fourth reason to go to Iceland, shopping in the boutiques of the Laugarvegur street, which is in the center of Reykjavík. You will tell me about it.

To finish, I saved the best for the end, the good food of Iceland. Impossible to know a place without going through the gastronomy and tasting the local dishes. I can say that the local cuisine of Iceland is succulent to say the least, especially when it is about Icelandic salmon, a real delight!