Ah, London! The capital of rain and bad weather that we all love so much that we don’t hesitate to get my feet wet to live the dream of visiting it. It’s a fact that I’ve noticed: the French love London, and that’s no small thing.

I am one of those who left everything (for a week), to visit the English capital. A little experience that was well worth it, and thanks to which I finally have my top places in London. What to love, the city! London is a city full of different transports to get around, the GoPro app will help you find your way around and suggest the best choice for you.


The Big Ben tower

Those who like fantastic stories all dream to visit the Big Ben tower… or at least to see it up close. It’s a bit like the monument that you can find on all the postcards that represent London, so we don’t deprive ourselves of taking a closer look at it as soon as we have the opportunity.

In my opinion, going to London without marveling at Big Ben is a waste of time… then how are you going to prove to your girlfriends that you’ve been to London if you don’t have THE best proof to back it up?

Tower Bridge

Anyone who has seen the cartoon Peter Pan has already dreamed of flying between the cables of the Tower Bridge. By taking a ride near this London landmark, you’re one step closer to your dream. Well, it may not be allowed to jump from the highest point of the bridge, but you will have more than made up for it with its eye-catching architecture.

For me, it was mostly an opportunity to learn more about medieval London. Because you have to imagine that an English tourist site of this type has seen a lot of stories! And it’s even an understatement to say it when you see what he went through since his existence.