4 tips to see Barcelona in a different light

If you want to make discoveries during your vacations, Barcelona is not far away and is full of surprises. I have found that this city always has something to offer, even to those who think they have already seen everything.

Besides, we do not complain about it! Because there are always little ideas to discover a new aspect of this city, I will give you 4 tips to see Barcelona in a different light. Before you leave, make sure you speak Spanish, at least the basics. The locals love it when they see tourists making an effort to speak their language.

The Sagrada Família and Guell Park

What do these two of Barcelona’s tourist sites have in common? An imposing facade that leaves no one indifferent. The Sagrada Família is considered by many to be a pure work of architecture. The exterior alone gives you a thrill with its eye-popping sculptures. For me, the place reminded me of those places that smell like gothic, even if it’s not really the most striking thing.

Then comes guell Park, which imposes by its originality. You don’t even have to look far to find the chills, as the whole area seems to have been designed to give off an aura of mystery. In my opinion, it is difficult to find a magical place in Barcelona that can really match the park.


Montjuc Hill and Barcelona Zoo

To get a great view of Barcelona and its port, there is no better place than the Montjuc hill. On the other hand, the site is also a small place of history, as it has hosted the most important events that have taken place in Barcelona.

Finally, the famous zoo of the city of Barcelona which is more than 100 years old, and which never ceases to surprise the tourists. For me, it is especially the dolphins that motivated me to discover the place, and I was not disappointed with the rest.