Spanish is the official language of Spain, but not only: it is also the language of Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and the Spanish-speaking communities of the United States. There are as many countries as there are cultures rich in history, traditions and gastronomy. Why not take an intensive Spanish course to discover this language and then travel to these different countries?


Parc Güell, Barcelona

Discovering these cultures through Spanish classes

Learning while having fun has always been easier: this is the principle of several sites, specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.
Through a variety of “culture and civilization” workshops, this institution offers to immerse you in Spanish and Latin American culture through dance performances, parties, guided tours, exhibitions, movies, and many other activities. Learning Spanish has never been so interesting!

Why learn Spanish?

The Spanish atmosphere, the3rd most spoken language in the world, the proximity to France, the beauty and ease of the language, its gastronomy, and its culture, are all good reasons to take the plunge and familiarize yourself with Spanish.
Whether you choose online courses or teachers, you choose the formula that best suits your needs. After practicing the different exercises offered and adapted to all levels, from beginner to advanced, from group tutoring to private lessons, and enriching your vocabulary, you will be sure to master the Spanish culture and of course to speak Spanish! If you want to practice your Spanish skills and go to Barcelona, the city of parties and much more… read our article on the subject: Barcelona in a different light.