The dream of every little Frenchman who wants to discover the US a little, is to visit New-York. It took me a little while to realize it, but in the end I didn’t regret the wait. The most magical? Being in the middle of Time Square, and shooting in slow motion like in the great American prods. Don’t hesitate to download the VoyagePirates application for a lot of good tips. 

Today, I’m not going to tell you that Time Square is one of the most magical places in the world 5 things I recommend not to miss in New York today, I’m not going to tell you that Time Square is one of the best, because the city has a lot more to show for it! I’ll give you an extract right now.


The Central Park

THE symbol of New-York par excellence, in my opinion, is Central Park. You can’t get more mythical than that, admit it! In the movies or in the series, you know right away that the plot takes place in NY when you see the trees.

I don’t even think there are any like it anywhere else, since visit the Central Park of New-York gave me the opportunity to feel out of place while I was snooping around in one of the biggest cities in the world. Ideal to take a good nap, or to draw the camera, looking like a pro.

Grand Central Station

Because it is simply the station that imposes more than the others, visit the Grand Central in New-York, it’s a must when you go around the city. It’s also a good opportunity to get some general knowledge, since it’s the first station that was built in the city.

There are also guided tours scheduled on Fridays, if you want to go there. There is no lack of travel guides on the spot, and you will easily have made the tour of the monster in a few hours.

Three places not to be missed

I still have 3 places that have marked me during my trip to New-York :

  • The M&Ms World which is a temptation for all the big kids, and a hell for diabetics, and stands proudly on Time Square. Impossible to miss!
  • The 9/11 memorial that gives you chills as soon as you step on it. It’s literally walking on a piece of American history, and there’s an aura of respect that emanates from the place
  • The Soho district, which has been a bit of a reference for tourism in New York for a while, as everything about it is at the top of the coolness.