Jet lag and its effects are the price to pay for visiting the beautiful destinations at the end of the world. Yes, you have to deal with the time change if you decide to go a few time zones further than yours, and the body doesn’t like it in most cases. So today, I’m going to give you some tips to help you better overcome jet lag syndrome and adapt more easily to the changes the body has to face.

The choice of destination, an important point

Jet lag has a big effect on the body because it causes a real mess with the internal clock. Indeed, the human body functions according to a certain rhythm, punctuated by periods of effort and rest, the latter also being governed by day and night, a 24-hour period.

When you change your schedule, your body loses its reference points, and you feel difficulties to adapt. It will take some time, but your body will eventually get used to it. To begin with, I advise you to choose a destination that will make you travel west. The effect of jet lag is less violent where the days are longer than the nights.

What to do before leaving

Before leaving, I also advise you to schedule your flights so that you arrive in your destination during the day, it will be easier for you to adapt in this case. Try to be in good shape before taking your plane. Just because you are tired doesn’t mean you can sleep on the plane.

You can also try to change your habits before leaving, for example, to wake up at the time of your destination, do a few things and then go back to sleep to resume an activity that would be normal for you. Prepare your trip well is the main key.

On the plane and on arrival

Once on the plane, start by setting your watch to follow the time of your destination. This will serve as a psychological preparation. Sit back and relax. I do not recommend alcoholic or caffeinated beverages. It will be difficult for you to stay coherent.

Don’t take sleeping pills either, they will make you even more drowsy and confused when you arrive. Put yourself on water and dry bread for a comfortable trip and a more manageable arrival.

Once you arrive, stay in the sun as long as possible to let your body acclimate more easily. Eat at local times and take time to exercise to relieve stress.