Traveling around the world with big luggage, it’s not the most practical thing to carry around with you. The mistake for travelers who are not yet used to the road is to want to take too many things at once.

Today, I will teach you how to travel light without missing anything. To do this, I’ll give you our tips on how not to weigh down your suitcase unnecessarily. Believe me, you’ll need them to avoid breaking your back for nothing.


Take only the essentials

There is no such thing as a secret to traveling light, you have to take the essentials. So don’t think about bringing a dozen suitcases if you’re only going for a week. The less you pack, the less it will be worth to pack light.

The survival technique that will win you points: maximize the usefulness of what you put in your bag. And by the way, no one says you have to carry all your clothes in a bag. My tip that works, put on under layers of clothes that can be used multiple times. You don’t need pajamas if you have a pair of pants that can also be used as gym clothes.

Don’t buy too many things to take with you

It’s still best to buy the little things you need at the time. The secret to traveling light the best thing to do is not to bring items that are 98% just in case. If you really need something that doesn’t have to invade your bag, budget to make small purchases in real time.

That’s why it’s essential to check the weather and ask yourself the right questions about whether what you’re taking is really going to help you. Medication for example: you can buy the stuff without a prescription without too much trouble.

If you want more tips on how to prepare your trip, here is a small guide: Tips for a successful trip.