Sydney is without a doubt an ideal destination if you want to discover a city that knows how to combine modernity and nature so well. Known around the world for hosting the Olympic Games, Sydney is much more than the city that was overrun by tourists at the time. Sydney is also a city with wonderful places to discover, both in the city and in the wilderness. Today, I propose you to get acquainted with the must-see places of the city, places not to be missed during your trip.

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Beautiful beaches

As a good lover of relaxation and beautiful beaches, I can’t help but start with the magnificent beaches of Sydney. The most beautiful of them all is undoubtedly Hyams Beach, a beach with undoubtedly the whitest sand I have ever seen in my life. The deep blue seawater, the shining sun, the calm, everything you need.

Then there is Shelly beach which is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Sydney, I advise you not to miss it when you are in this city. You might miss something great.

For its lush nature

Sydney is also a city with interesting parks and beautiful regions. In terms of parks, I advise you to visit the Royal National Park, which is a great park to visit with your family. In terms of amusement parks, I recommend you the Luna Park in Sydney.

I also recommend you to go for a walk in the Royal Botanical Gardens, probably one of the most wonderful places you can find in the city and where you can have a quiet walk to relax. Hunter Valley, the Blues Mountains National Park, is also a witness to this rich and interesting flora.

A very lively and interesting city

Sydney is a city full of interesting places to visit like the Sydney Opera House for example which is the emblem of the city. There is also the water park, an interesting place for children. Go for a visit to the Rocks district, and you will see what an interesting place it is.

In terms of museums, I recommend the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney, the National Maritime Museum, but also Hyde Park’s Barracks Museum and many others that you can visit during your stay.