Venice is the place for lovers, where it stinks so much of love that even the most frustrated singles may feel the urge to take their breakfast out of every hole. It’s a shame to think that you can only visit this city with two people.

And then not, in fact Venice is not only for lovers, but you’ll be glad you did! If you have any doubts, I’ll give you an idea of what you can visit even if you’re alone. Follow the little guide!

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The Mocenigo Palace

First, I present you the Mocenigo Palace in Venice, which is the domain of one of those families who can afford to throw money out of the window. The name doesn’t really leave room for guessing, since the said family gave its blaze to the palace.

Just to mark their territory or to make their name go down in history, the Mocenigos offer you a house that dates back to the 18th century. That’s it! A quick tour of the house will show you that the furniture and decor are purely period. No worries about the merchandise.

The clock tower

In Venice, too, you will find one of those clocks that turn heads. This one is on the place Saint Marc and is not very far from the basilica. I’m talking about one of those monuments of Venice that are more than 5 centuries old and that don’t seem to age a brick.

What is amazing about the clock tower is that it doesn’t just tell the time. It also gives the signs of the zodiac and has the small particularity to give the position of the two main stars of our solar system.

Florian Coffee

Or, in the local language, the Caffè Florian. Going to Venice without visiting it is a crime that everyone should stop committing. Simply because it’s a historic café, and you shouldn’t miss out on an institution like that.

A tourist site in Venice that will give you the opportunity to revisit those mythical movie scenes. Mysterious tourist or bobo in search of the beauty of the landscape, you can afford anything.