Are you passionate about Tango music and dance ? Do you want to learn more about its origin? The history of this dance, very appreciated today and having known a great success in the great periods, is rather enthralling. Discover here all the main lines of the existence of the Tango.

What type of apartment to choose for rental investment in Nice?

What types of apartments should I choose for rental investment in Nice? Nice is such an attractive city that rental properties do not remain unoccupied for long. If you want to invest in the rental sector, there is no shortage of opportunities. The city is particularly well suited to real estate purchases, as rental demand is constant throughout the year.

How much should I budget for the rental management of my property?

To make a good income and build financial wealth, there are various sectors in which you can invest. One of these is real estate.

4 tips for taking beautiful sunset photos

The sunset is one of the most beautiful landscapes that deserve to be immortalized in photos. However, the success of the shot depends on several factors. It is not the kind of photo that you take at random, but that you prepare meticulously. Find the essential points to remember for a rendering worthy of a pro. If for once you want to be in front of the lens, don’t be afraid of a photo shoot with our guide. 

The different types of tourism on the French Riviera

Between the sea and the mountains, bathed in sunshine, the French Riviera attracts many tourists from all over the world every year. They come to admire the luxury of its villas, the beauty of its landscapes, or to meet its artists and participate in cultural festivals. The tourist activities are numerous and varied, and everyone can find his happiness: whether you are a nature lover, a jet-setter, a sports enthusiast, a sea bather, or an art lover,

Wedding: selecting a good photographer

The choice of the photographer is as important as the choice of the venue and the caterer when you prepare your wedding. He will have the task of immortalizing this unique moment to create beautiful memories of your day. Discover the criteria to remember to be sure to find your photographer.

All about real estate in Valbonne

Are you a contractor looking for a real estate solution in the Valbonne area? You are a private individual wishing to obtain information on possible availabilities in the Alpes-Maritimes region?

Through this publication, we propose you to come back for a moment on the assets of a prestigious city like Valbonne, as well as on the type of real estate that you can hope to find in the area. We will finish our demonstration by asking ourselves about the best alternative,

Your travel guide to prepare your trip to Miami

Have you finally decided on your vacation destination? Have you decided on Florida’s fine sandy beaches? It’s a great choice, and we’ve selected for you the three best activities not to be missed to guarantee you a total change of scenery.
Known as the “Magic City”, Miami has the glamorous image of the American movies, and remains one of the favorite tourist destinations in the United States. With its tropical climate worthy of the Caribbean,

The photo shoot will have no more secrets for you !

Having nice pictures is creating nice memories. Except that, posing is not easy for everyone. In theory, we want to take pictures like this, like that, and when we are in front of the professional photographer, we lose our means. How to avoid discomfort on the big day? Follow these tips to take pictures like stars!

Real estate project : I want to buy a property on the French Riviera

Located in the south of France, the French Riviera is a wise choice if you need to buy a property. By making this choice, you guarantee yourself a pleasant and very relaxing vacation. As we are looking for ways to secure our real estate investments, we have decided to share with you some important and very useful information for the realization of your project.

I tested the real estate diagnosis in Lens

The real estate diagnosis is an assessment performed after control by a professional diagnostician. It is carried out before the sale or rental of a property or after the completion of work. These diagnoses must be made by certified technicians.

Questions to ask yourself before your first purchase

Questions to ask yourself before your first purchase

Before embarking on a real estate purchase, it is imperative to ask yourself the right questions.

One of the most relevant questions is to define what you are looking for. Some criteria can be clear and non-negotiable, others more flexible. Among them, we can list: the location (city, countryside), proximity (public transport, shops, schools), type of property (old, modern), property to be renovated or ready to use,

The advantages of scooters in Paris

Scooters are timeless and are still very popular in big European cities such as Paris for their many advantages. If you too are considering the purchase of a two-wheeler or if you want to know more about their practical use, follow the guide below!

The revival of luxury real estate on the French Riviera

In recent years, luxury real estate has been going through a very difficult period. Indeed, customers have become less and less numerous and more demanding when they are present.

In spite of the bad results, which remains timid, but does exist. This is good news for luxury real estate agencies on the French Riviera.

Renovate your apartment in Nice

You own an apartment in Nice, but you would like to make it more comfortable and modernize it a bit. After a renovation, it will be more pleasant to live in, and you will be able to sell it more easily. Here are some tips for renovating in Nice.

Commercial real estate : All about the commercial lease

The commercial lease benefits from a particular status, established by decree in September 1953. It has certain advantages. The contract concerning the commercial lease has very specific characteristics and its transfer is also done following an adapted procedure.

Need to renovate near Paris?

You have just bought a house in the Paris region that you wish to renovate? The exteriors are the first work to be undertaken before reviewing the layout and interior decoration.

Focus on Rita Kraus and her literary passion

Reading an exciting novel is like traveling to the other side of the world without having to leave your couch. And you know how much I love reading and anything related to travel. Plus, in real life, reading has real benefits for your brain and your health. And that’s not a gratuitous claim, because it’s scientifically proven.

Professionals to ensure you a real estate loan at the best rate

The real estate credit is undoubtedly one of the most requested credits nowadays. For the most part, it is households that have plans to build or buy a house that apply for it. In any case, that’s what real estate credit is for, isn’t it? To finance all or part of a real estate purchase that you must make, or work that you want to do in the context of the renovation of your house,

Focus on the different methods of laying parquet

If you plan to lay parquet, this article will surely help you! There are several methods to lay parquet, now it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your floor!