When I decide to visit a place, my first destination when I arrive in a city, is not restaurants, pubs or anything like that, I am a big museum lover. You may have guessed that I am not a person who likes to show off or reveal myself too much. As a result, I feel best in museums when I go on a trip. Whether it’s a contemporary art museum, a ship museum, a war museum or an airplane museum, I think these places tell us about the history, the past, the future and much more. Scattered all over the world, there are many museums that are worth a look. The latter can even become the highlight of your trip. Today, what I propose you to discover are the best museums in the world that you should not miss if you have the means.

The Art Institute of Chicago

The first museum that I would advise you to visit is the Art Institute of Chicago. It is a museum that was founded in 1879 and guarded by two bronze lions. The most interesting thing about this museum is that it houses one of the most important collections of art objects in the world.

In fact, more than 300,000 works in over 30 rotating exhibitions, not to mention hundreds of art performances are presented throughout the year. If you stop by, I don’t think you’ll be bored.


National Museum of Anthropology of Mexico

If you decide to make Mexico your destination, I highly recommend that you stop by the National Museum of Anthropology of Mexico. The museum is located in a large park in Mexico City.

The museum presents a large collection of archaeological objects which are sometimes originals, sometimes replicas. These last ones come for the most part from ancient Mexican cultures such as the Aztec, Maya and other civilizations.

The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg

If you have chosen Russia as your travel destination, you should not miss the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, one of my favorite museums in the world. Yes, I already had the chance to visit it, and it remains a very good memory for me.

With a collection of more than 3 million works from all over the world, you have to admit that there is a lot to see. There is also the baroque Summer Palace, built by Peter the Great between 1710 and 1714 that you should not miss. It is famous for having housed the Russian monarchs until the Red Revolution of 1917.

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The Getty Center in Los Angeles

Once again in the United States, but this time in LA, the Getty Center, a place that overlooks a hill in this city, is making a name for itself with its architecture, gardens and spectacular views, but that’s not all.

The center also contains a large collection of artworks made by the best in the world. You can find works by Vang Gogh, Monet and Cézanne among others.

One thing that people who visit the center appreciate is that a number of the galleries are lit with skylights. These are positioned differently depending on the time of day to ensure optimum lighting.

The Gallery of the Academy of Florence

If you pass by the city of Florence in Italy, I advise you not to miss the gallery of the Academy of Florence. This one is famous in the world for its impressive collection of statues.

Among them is the famous David by Michelangelo. But that’s not all there is to this museum. Indeed, you will be able to see a wide range of paintings of all kinds and all the masters like Sandro Botticelli or Pontormo and Andreal del Sarto and many others.

The Orsay Museum in Paris

Obviously no tour of the museums of the world without passing by the Musée d’Orsay of Paris which is without question one of the greatest museums of France too. This one is located in the old Orsay train station, built in the 19th century.

The Musée d’Orsay in Paris is known for its collection of impressionist and post-impressionist works. It exhibits paintings by Van Gogh, Cézanne, Rodin, Renoir or Monet and many others, nothing to envy to other museums around the world.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

To finish our ranking today, I propose you the 7th most interesting museum to visit in the world according to the opinion of visitors. Indeed, this is without doubt one of the largest museums in the world with its 2 million works of art.

The collections that are permanently exhibited in this museum present works from almost every era and every region of the world. You can see everything, or almost, not to exaggerate too much, whether it is works of classical antiquity, Ancient Egypt, modern art, African art, Asian art, Islamic art