My tips for sculpting with care

To succeed in your sculpture, it is essential to go through several steps. For the sculpture on clay, you must for example make sure that you have a consistent enough mud to be able to modulate it according to your tastes. Today, I propose to talk about the obvious, which is a step that I consider essential in the creation of a beautiful sculpture. Here are some tips that I want to share with you.

My new passion : Nail art

I may be a little late to this new passion since the fashion is already launched for a long time, but for a few months I have been interested in nail art that I find really fascinating with all these techniques and tips to use to successfully decorate your nails. That’s why I decided to talk to you about it today and also to share with you, beginners as well as months, some tricks that I discovered during these last weeks!

My tips for a radiant interior

Lighting your home is essential, not only for comfort, but also to achieve a beautiful decoration. We don’t always know how to do it though when we have to make choices, especially about the lights to use. I propose you today to discover some advices to help you to have a radiant interior. I have only one thing to say before all, everything starts with the entrance.

5 reasons to go to Iceland

You’ve never been to Iceland, or even worse, you’ve never even thought about this destination for one of your trips? It’s time to change your mind, because it’s a very surprising place that has breathtaking places in store for you. Land of extremes and contrasts, as they say, Iceland is indeed a state in the north of America that has potential to spare. I offer you today 5 good reasons to go there right away!

Focus on Pop Art

Pop Art is more than sixty years old, and yet it is still fashionable and even gives interesting makeup ideas for Halloween and Carnival.

The classification of the seven arts

The different artistic expressions are linked to our sensory receptors and have been classified according to them already in ancient times. Nowadays, this classification includes seven disciplines: the seven arts.

Top 5 to visit in Marseille

Looking for discovery, beautiful things and beautiful moments? You don’t have to go out of the area to find an interesting destination. Marseille is a city of the Provence Alpes Cotes d’Azur region which has something else to offer you than the fame of the Olympique de Marseille. So, I propose you today to discover with me a small top 5 of the places you must visit in Marseille.

Travel : My 3 favorite applications

Today, to help people travel the world, technology is also getting involved. Indeed, travel apps are very popular these days, and if you are a traveler who likes to come and go whenever he wants, you should understand why. So I would like to present you today the travel apps that helped me the most and that I use every time I have a trip, hoping that it can also help you in the preparation of yours.

Everything you need to love London

Ah, London! The capital of rain and bad weather that we all love so much that we don’t hesitate to get my feet wet to live the dream of visiting it. It’s a fact that I’ve noticed: the French love London, and that’s no small thing.

3 reasons to go to Florence

Since UNESCO has declared that all of Florence is a world heritage since UNESCO declared all of Florence to be one city, it has become difficult to say that we should remember the most important places in this city. Personally, it gave me the impression to make infidelities to the sites that I could not visit.

The hidden treasures of Thailand

Those who don’t know Thailand, you don’t know what you are missing. I have a soft spot for this country, which shows a very different face of the Asian culture. Even if it’s very close to what you can see in China, it’s still great on many points.

Our guide to escape in the Alfama of Lisbon

Take a tour in Portugal without passing through Lisbon? That’s simply depriving yourself of the most beautiful places in the region. It took me a few visits before I knew what my favorite places were tourist sites of reference in Lisbon.

5 things to discover in New York

The dream of every little Frenchman who wants to discover the US a little, is to visit New-York. It took me a little while to realize it, but in the end I didn’t regret the wait. The most magical? Being in the middle of Time Square, and shooting in slow motion like in the great American prods. Don’t hesitate to download the VoyagePirates application for a lot of good tips. 

4 tips to see Barcelona in a different light

If you want to make discoveries during your vacations, Barcelona is not far away and is full of surprises. I have found that this city always has something to offer, even to those who think they have already seen everything.

Our advice for not weighing down your suitcase unnecessarily

Traveling around the world with big luggage, it’s not the most practical thing to carry around with you. The mistake for travelers who are not yet used to the road is to want to take too many things at once.

Work to be done: the budget to prepare for each project

In a house, there are often different types of work to be done to ensure the comfort of the inhabitants. Each project must have a budget in order to be done properly, and it is never the same story depending on the work to be done. Do you have a few projects to do at home? I propose you today some figures to help you in the estimate to make.

Sydney: the must-sees not to be missed

Sydney is without a doubt an ideal destination if you want to discover a city that knows how to combine modernity and nature so well. Known around the world for hosting the Olympic Games, Sydney is much more than the city that was overrun by tourists at the time. Sydney is also a city with wonderful places to discover, both in the city and in the wilderness. Today, I propose you to get acquainted with the must-see places of the city,

Lombardy: discovering a rich and wonderful region

Lombardy is a wonderful region of Italy that will undoubtedly offer you some great discoveries if you decide to go there one day. Indeed, you will need much more than a few days if you want to enjoy all the wonders of this region. As much for the variety of its landscapes as for the particularity of its numerous villages and the lakes which border them, it is a voyage of discovery and wonder which awaits you.